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Over the years we have been developing many different small business software programs, quite often they have been customised in order to comply to the clients needs.

Below is a selection of our products, whether customised for a specific client or available to be used by a wider group and 'ready-to-go'.

Ready to go!

For existing 'ready-to-go' web applications we also can supply you with a DEMO CD that allows you to try before you buy. And even if the 'ready-to-go' does not cover all the functionality we can help you with extending the functionality on those applications to make it according your needs. Please check for the 'ready-to-go' applications icon .

Electronic document filing system

The reliability of electronic documents storage has now reached such a high level that the international tax offices allow storing documents electronically rather then the paper versions. This opens a whole wide range possibilities of cost reductions as you don't need large warehouses to store the paper any more and retrieval of documents has become an instant process rather than waiting for the warehouse body to arrange for you the retrieval of a paper document.

However, one issue that exist for storage of paper documents in warehouses remains the same for electronic stored documents which is of course the ability of finding the right document. Using the electronic storage this has become much easier as there are nowadays possibilities to index the documents using multiple keys such as date, document type, invoice number, client details etc. (almost endless).

The A-Vision electronic document filing system makes it very easy to find documents fast at the time you need it. Nothing is more frustrating then having a client waiting till you can come back with the right document.

If you would like to have documents scanned and/or data extracted, please contact us NOW! and we can arrange things to make this happen.

If you already have some (can easily be thousands!!) electronic documents with indexed data and just want them to be stored using this flexible Document filing system, then please let us know and we will sort it out for you.

Job Card/Costing tracking system

More and more plumber and electrician contractors are realising that having a paper based Job Card system can cause a whole lot of grief, especially when it comes to invoicing and searching through a large pile of paperwork to find that single Job Card the client is questioning about.

This Job Tracking System can make your life so much easier and less stressful. Don't miss out and invoice the correct amounts.
The benefits in short -
  • Quick and easy access to all your Job Cards.
  • Search for any Job Card using advanced searches.
  • Track the status of outstanding Jobs.
  • Keep all information together.
  • Easy as 1-2-3.

For more information or to order a DEMO CD (free of charge) please refer to the Job Card/Costing Tacking System website.

A client's comment on the Job Card Tracking system

We have only been using the system for a short time and within that period the major benefit we have found is that as each job is done, the field worker has to log his / her time and materials. This in turn allows office process to become much more efficient as completed jobs billed immediately instead of having to wait for the paper work to arrive at the office. This allows jobs to be completed and finalised on the office system much faster. Also having to input time / material daily or per job, means the field worker does not have to remember what was used or how much time was spent at the job the next day - everyone within our business is happy about this.

Do you get lots of invoices sent to you by email (with an attachment)? Wouldn't it be very useful if you simply could save these attachments automatically to a specific folder on your harddisk or server for further processing.

We have developed a very easy to operate Email Attachment Grabber that automatically reads and extracts selected attachments from emails in a certain email account mailbox. This is a web based software application that can run from any windows machine (using a stand alone webserver like Server2Go) or be installed on a web server computer eventually and run on a scheduled task.

Please contact us for further information.

Maintenance tracking log

A-Vision maintenance tracking
Getting overloaded with a multitude of phone calls every day? Difficulties keeping track of what needs to be done and what was so urgent again?

We have the solution for you, using the A-Vision / WebSoftware maintenance tracking software your staff can easily enter maintenance requests in your system including location and severity while you can finish your morning tea break.

Over time you can easily generate a report showing you the most common issues so that preventive maintenance can avoid disruption in work and utilities.

Contact us now for more information, your questions or requests for changes.

We are always open to improve our products!

On-line web shops

Although there are many products available on the market to start an on-line web shop the issue is that in most cases you have to give in on functionality or features which you as client would prefer. Therefore we think that the best solution is to build an on-line web shop straight from scratch according your needs because every business is different and does have different requirements.

We have developed on-line web shops that includes but are not limited to the following features -
  • Product category management
  • Product sizes and colours management
  • Product details management
  • Special display options
    • (e.g. front-page, special-offer, news-item, advertisement)
  • Several payment options
    • (e.g. Invoice, credit card, paypal, on delivery)
  • Several delivery options
    • (national / overseas, standard/courier, pick-up)
  • PDF Invoice creation
  • Client management
  • Client order tracking
  • Client order history
  • Discount management